About Lisa G

About Lisa G

At 19 years old, Lisa G began her commercial radio career as a Top 40 DJ. Voice overs were a natural transition within her broadcast career. Known for being warm, personable, and humorous, Lisa G has a range of voice over techniques that can complement any marketing campaign.

What sets Lisa G apart is her focused approach, and the attention to detail that she brings to all her projects. By getting to know a client, Lisa G works to capture their personality to create the perfect voice overs for their unique needs. In going the extra mile, Lisa G ensures that each client will be completely happy with their voice over project.

Throughout her long career Lisa G's voice has been heard on many terrestrial and non-terrestrial radio stations including WRED, WERZ, WOKQ, WQFN, Surge Radio (WEGG), and currently Energy 98 and Port Broadcasting . Her client lists included major automobile companies, nightclubs, radio and TV stations, and DJ's worldwide.

Lisa G has been featured in the book, "How To Be a DJ" by DJ Chuck Fresh, in which she shares an insider's perspective of the commercial radio industry. A previous 'Radio Personality of the Day' winner while working for WRED FM in 2004, Lisa G has received several other industry accolades throughout her career.

Lisa G grew up in a small town in southern Maine, and although she's traveled and lived in several other areas, Maine will always be her home. Music, radio, learning about the latest computer gadgets, playing piano, and supporting non-profit organizations like The Salvation Army and The Monroe Institute are just a few of the things that Lisa G is passionate about. When she is not in the studio or reading a book, this self-proclaimed "powered by Starbucks" Sci-Fi geek spends hours on the local rocky coast, kayaking or flying her drone.